Intellectual landscapes series was created on Zoia’s endless travels between Monaco, Paris, Japan, California and Britain, blazes a new trail. 


Intellectual landscapes depict rural views  sketched from high-speed French (TGV, Eurostar) and Japanese(Shinkansen) trains. 


Skoropadenko loves trains. On her journeys, she captures landscapes that pass at 320km/h, a blur, a snapshot flashing past her window. Every blink of an eye is a new landscape. Every second a new sketch to be made. 


Following the footsteps of Corot, whose paintings Skoropadenko studied and recreated in Musee d’Orsay in Paris as a copyist, her style has evolved towards a kind of minimalism. Cutting details, refining the essence of the landscape, she giving for her audience space for their own inner eye to see and imagine. 



€360-€2100. Price in BTC   ₿ 0.05- ₿ 0.3

Original ink drawing. Signed by artist. Numbered. Catalogued. Exhibited. Unframed​

Delivery cost is included in price

Some works you can buy online here BUYART

For purchase contact zoias@monaco.mc
All Art works can be purchased in bitcoin*  by using this bitcoin address: 1Jr6TJeYzmVLmETPzvMd6j8uoSKudGf2uY
please include name of the work and delivery instructions in the email to zoias@monaco.mc 
Art for thought Gallery.Tokyo. 2017
La Vitrine Contemporain. Monaco. 2016
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