Intellectual landscapes series was created on Zoia’s endless travels between Monaco, Paris, Japan, California and Britain, blazes a new trail. 


Intellectual landscapes depict rural views around her summer studios, seascapes around her hometown Monaco, sketched from high-speed French (TGV, Eurostar) and Japanese(Shinkansen) trains. 


Skoropadenko loves trains. On her journeys, she captures landscapes that pass at 320km/h, a blur, a snapshot flashing past her window. Every blink of an eye is a new landscape. Every second a new sketch to be made. 


Following the footsteps of Corot, whose paintings Skoropadenko studied and recreated in Musee d’Orsay in Paris as a copyist, her style has evolved towards a kind of minimalism. Cutting details, refining the essence of the landscape, she giving for her audience space for their own inner eye to see and imagine. 


Today she uses painterly gestures to depict the lush landscapes of the Dorgogne or Provence. Heavily influenced by Japanese masters like Yuki Ogura and her “Bathing women”, Hokusai’s landscape and Cezanne’s colour pallet, Skoropadenko embraces the Japanese art philosophy of clear vision, clean lines and bold shapes.   

Intellectual landscape

Paint on canvas 130x90cm 2015

20190818_144535 2
20190818_143527 2


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Original painting. Signed by artist. Numbered. Catalogued. Exhibited.

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La Vitrine Contemporain 2016
Embassy of Ukraine. Brussels 2016
La Vitrine Contemporain.Monaco. 2017
Art For thought Gallery. Tokyo .2017
Cultural Center. Paris 2016
Daimler Chrysler headquarters. Tokyo 2019