La Vitrine Contemporain de Monaco
La Vitrine Contemporain du Monaco is a contemporary art corner situated in the heart of Monte-Carlo, inside the passage of Palais de La Scala in Carre d'Or of Monaco. Opened and run by monegasque artist Zoia Skoropadenko since 2009, La Vitrine Contemporain is an exhibition window for artists from all around the world. The exhibition is updated and changed every month
Address: Palais de La Scala. 1 avenue Henri Dunant, 98000. Monaco
The Vitrine is  reachable  24h inside of Palais de La Scala 


THE FLOWERS exhibition is opened in La Vitrine Contemporain de Monaco

La Vitrine Contemporain de Monaco, Monte-Carlo.Monaco
October 2019

The Story. 

Autumn is a season of a beautiful Hydrangea flowers in Monaco.

Artist Zoia Skoropadenko was enchanted by wonderful flowers that are for sale in Monaco Market. They became an inspiration for current exhibition.  

The exhibition presents one large scale work on paper. and three small scale works on canvas. 

The art pieces are a part of a series of paintings "The Flowers" which is a part of Skoropadenko series "New Pompei Masters" and "New Dutch Masters"


Creative process.

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