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Milk, another palate.


MILK is a serie of oil paintings on canvas depicting  Milk and  favorite landscapes:  Parisian cafe or skate-ring  and window from childhood, Californian  palms and grandmother’s table, Dubai desert and Japanese Park etc. 



I created MILK about two years ago. When I came back home after visiting Frieze and FIAC art markets.  


The tendency on today's Art scene and Art markets is that art is something dark, scary, burnt till death, pessimistic and mostly created by man.


 So I had a deep thought about the situation and came up with contradiction to everything mentioned above. I thought about the subject that should be  opposite to male dark, scary, pessimistic creations and realized that light, tender, nice, optimistic, feminine and tasty is the liquid we called MILK. Every painting of old masters we can find in Louvre and other museums these days that has a jar of milk in it makes the painting and environment  always cozy, lighter and arouse nice warm feelings of childhood. 


I love painting still-lives, It was my "thing" in Art Academy.  I was more than happy to create such a project. But I didn't want to paint a classical still-life, so I thought to create a contemporary twist. Which appeared to be a monochrome oil paintings on small canvases. 

All paintings are not painted but sculpted. Their relief bodies shine with the right light. 


 Each painting feature one of THREE PRMARY COLORS: either blue or red or yellow.

 BLUE - for cold MILK, RED (in my case Pink) ) - for fresh out-of-cow MILK, YELLOW - boiled hot MILK. Every painting depicting a glass or bottle or other glass vessel with Milk in it. 


Later in my project I started to incorporate my favorite landscapes and people at the background.


I do sketch and draw everyday when I am having morning coffee and while I am traveling. So I have lots of sketches which I use in my projects. 


Today in MILK project you can find  Burj Khalifa from Dubai, Parisian Cafe where I am eating while in Paris, Monaco port, an old man thinking about his childhood with a glass of MILK on his table, Californian Palms and my window and a table from my childhood.  

Menier Gallery 2011
National Museum La Brigue 2010
Sheppards Gallery. London. 2012
Unesco Hall Monaco. 2013
Art for thought. Tokyo. 2016
Art for thought. Tokyo. 2017
La Vitrine Contemporain 2014
Galerie du centre. Paris. 2021
Galerie Aleatoire. Paris. 2022
Media and publications:
Monte Carlo Journal 2013
Vysoki Zamok 2016
Vellum Magazine 2019
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