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€2.500-€4.000. Price in BTC   ₿0.3- ₿0.5

Original sculpture. First edition of 8. Signed by artist. Numbered. Catalogued. 

Delivery cost is included in price

For purchase contact
or buy online in my online studio store   BUYART
All Art works can be purchased in bitcoin*  by using this bitcoin address: 1Jr6TJeYzmVLmETPzvMd6j8uoSKudGf2uY  
2017-04-28 14.45.24
2016-11-04 14.14.43
2016-11-04 14.10.52_edited
2016-11-04 14.14.13
2017-06-23 16.14.33
2017-06-23 16.12.43
2017-06-23 16.12.34
2017-06-23 16.12.10
2017-06-23 16.17.25
2017-06-23 16.17.18
2017-06-23 16.17.08
2017-06-23 16.16.39
2017-06-23 16.16.22
2017-06-22 20.04.55


Sculptures is one of the joy of the artist.Clay is the original material but bronze and marble is the next level of sophistication.
It started from a commission of a clay sculpture The Pigs. One art collector commissioned the bronze version and it was a start of a string of work with diverse foundries around Europe.  
Most works are done in Parisian historical foundry Chapon and famous Italian foundry in Verona. The marble, granit and other stones for the sculpture bases are coming from diverse French stone carriers
The other model was a model of sculpture  The Hope which is now standing in front of National  Museum of Chornobyl in Kiev and in Soma City in Fukushima.
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