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Renowned Ukrainian artist Zoia Skoropadenko is set to conduct a special art happening at the Shibuya Himawari Center on April 14, 2024.


This event aims to bring together Ukrainian refugees residing in Japan along with Japanese supporters for a unique and meaningful art master class.The centerpiece of this event will be the creation of 47 drawings inspired by "The Hope" sculpture crafted by Zoia Skoropadenko in 2015 for Fukushima.


Each drawing, created by the artist and featuring a rock adorned with the official bird of each prefecture, will carry personal messages of gratitude from Ukrainian refugees to the Japanese nation, expressing heartfelt appreciation for the unwavering support extended during challenging times.


With the assistance of the Ministry of Environment of Japan, these 47 drawings will be gifted to the 47 prefectures of Japan as a symbol of gratitude from the Ukrainian people to the Japanese nation. Approximately 70 volunteers are expected to participate in this collaborative art project, which will serve as a poignant reminder of the power of solidarity and compassion across borders.Following the art happening, the 47 drawings will be displayed to the public starting from April 17 at a designated space in Shibuya, allowing visitors to witness the beauty of unity and the depth of gratitude captured within each artwork.


Afterward, this exhibition will travel throughout Japan before dispersing to their designated receivers.This project is proudly supported by the Embassy of Ukraine in Japan, reflecting the shared commitment to fostering understanding and friendship between the Ukrainian and Japanese communities.


The Japanese supporters participating in the art happening and masterclass will create their messages to Ukraine, which they will attach to 24 additional drawings by Zoia Skoropadenko. These drawings symbolize the 24 regions of Ukraine. Zoia Skoropadenko will take these drawings back to Ukraine, where she will exhibit them before gifting them to the leaders of each region after the war.


For further information and inquiries, please contact Shibuya Himawari Project.Contact:Shibuya Himawari Project
Mariko Ukiyo
Iryna Makovska: : 050-3612-7559
3-9-10 1F Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0002, JapanUnder the Patronage of:Embassy of Ukraine in JapanWith support of :Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan

東京渋谷にて – ウクライナの著名なアーティスト、ゾイア・スコロパデンコ氏が13時より渋谷ひまわりセンターで特別なアートイベントを主催します。このイベントは、日本に住むウクライナ人の難民と日本の支援者を一堂に集め、アーティストによりアートマスタークラスを提供することを目的としています。

このイベントの中心となるのは、2015年に福島のためにゾイア・スコロパデンコ氏が制作した「The HOPE(希望)」という彫刻にインスパイアされた47枚のドローイングの創作です。各県の公式鳥が乗った岩を特徴とし、ウクライナの難民から日本への心からの感謝のメッセージを携えています。





連絡先:渋谷ひまわりプロジェクト 代表ウキヨまりこ、イリーナ・マコフスカ
電話番号: 050-3612-7559 
住所:〒150-0002 東京都渋谷区渋谷3-9-10 1F



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