The series of “Torso” aren’t just an octopus. It is series of “Torso” large-scale mixed media paintings on canvas. 
They are the Impressionistic New Renaissance Art Pieces. 
Like artists from Old Renaissance times, I revive the beauty of Antic art, reconsider and recreate it in a modern way with the modern medium. 
As I didn’t want my audience to see seafood on the paintings, I decided to follow my favourite impressionist Monet: to capture the essence of the subject, rather than its details.


€8.000-€70.000. Price in BTC   ₿1- ₿40

Original painting. Signed by artist. Numbered. Catalogued. Exhibited.

Delivery cost is included in price

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All Art works can be purchased in bitcoin*  by using this bitcoin address: 1Jr6TJeYzmVLmETPzvMd6j8uoSKudGf2uY  
Menier Gallery 2011
National Museum La Brigue 2010
Gallery G-Spot. Copenhagen 2010
Sheppards Gallery 2012
Menier Gallery 2012
Council of Europe. Strasbourg. 2013
Unesco Hall Monaco 2013
London Stock Exchange 2015
Cloitre des billets. Paris 2015
Gallery Rivoli 59. Paris. 2016
Gallery Nahman. Brussels. 2016
Tokyo Art Fair 2019
Media and publications:
Click Culture 2011
Monte Carlo Journal 2013
Creative revue 2012
Artprice 2015
Culture 24 2015
Francetv 2015
Dnepr Vecherniy 2016
Vysoki Zamok 2016
BBC World. 2015
Catalogue World Art Tokyo  2019
Vellum Magazine 2019
Vellum Magazine 2019
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