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THE HOPE in collection of The Ukrainian National Chornobyl Museum

23 avr. 2019

After disaster nature returns.

The Hope, a statue of a small bird perched on a rock, captures that moment when nature returns to reclaim.

The tiny bird has no fear of what has gone before and looks out onto a new world.

The Hope sculpture is sited in Soma City in Fukushima Province in remembrance of the Tsunami and nuclear disaster. Another The Hope is situated in front of National Chernobyl Museum in Kyiv.

The bronze bird it set into a local rock taken from the carrier nearest to the so called 30km zone of Chornobyl.

Viewers feel the tiny bird of ‘The Hope’ represents a better future a symbol that sets it in their mind that they can be part of that better tomorrow.

The Hope is the art of collaboration. Collaboration between artist and local people, landscape, nature.

Skoropadenko created a conceptual piece of art which respects local environment as well as traditions.

Sculpture doesnt need to be a foreign lump of metal in the middle of the beautiful park or garden. It has to be a part of it. That is why the artist asks the locals to provide a natural rock from local area to install the bronze bird on it.

Bronze bird is provided by artist. The bird is created in a way that everyone can touch it “for a luck”.

The artist also asking to put The Hope on a green grass or natural stones base to show the nature and a beauty of a natural stone.

In Kyiv Skoropadenko created a special ground around the sculpture with pieces of broken yellow marble from carrier not far from 30km zone to create a united environment with light colour of the museum building as well as a ochre wall behind the sculpture.

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